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Monthly Training PlansIMG_1165

These plans allow you to utilize your training time to its fullest. 4 week training plans with weekly consult to update & modify plan, and unlimited e-mail contact. A training diary/log included to record/monitor progress. These training plans are at the heart of what we do. Training plans can focus on individual sports (cycling, triathlon, running, Cross-country skiing, SkiMo racing, etc.) or combining multiple sports/events into a comprehensive season. These plans allow us to help guide you through training, preparation and racing, allowing for ever changing situations, individual adaptations, and adjust to any curve balls that may arise.                                                                                            $150—$300/month   >> Additional Information / Program Specifics <<

Individual Lessons and Consultations

Good technique is the foundation of efficient movement in all sports. Individual technique lessons will help you improve your efficiency and improve your sport specific skills. Lessons will include video analysis, sport specific technique work, racing strategy, new training techniques and drills, follow-up lesson summaries & analysis (in writing), as well as digital copies of your video for later comaprison and analysis. Each Session is customized to specific athletes needs and goals. >> Additional info on individual and small group lessons <<

Physiological Testing

DSC_0161Racing/Performing requires a delicate mixture of both art and science. The building blocks for optimal performance are many and must be constructed in a proper sequence. The cornerstone for this building is precise manipulation of training loads which is the main reason an athlete spends so much time in the water, on the bike, running around the track, in the weight room or wherever training is best conducted. Ask yourself, do you know if all those hours/miles of training are paying off? Testing and evaluating adaptations to the training that you have completed is essential  to understanding how you are improving and what else needs to be improved. A series of training and sport specific measurements can be used to evaluate your training progression. These tests can include lactate testing, VO2max testing, metabolic testing, strength testing, and field based performance measures. A customized testing schedule and evaluation will be constructed for you with analysis after each testing session will provide a complete picture of where you are currently at in your training development. Everyone responses to training differently and so everyone’s testing needs are different as well. Your testing package will be tailor made for your needs, training status, and goals.

Sports Nutrition Consulting

Helping you reach all of your nutritional, weight loss, and athletic goals, we can help with personalized programs. We will provide you the knowledge, skills, and strategies you need to realize your goals. Our nutrition counseling includes a nutritional assessment of your current habits, specific needs, and suggestions for improvement. Specific topics that can be covered during counseling sessions include but are not limited to: long-term weight loss, achieving optimal racing weight, training and racing sport nutrition strategies, and vegetarian/vegan nutrition. Choose from a consultation, a complete nutritional program, or any combination of services below to meet your personal nutritional needs.
>> Additional Information and pricing of nutritional counseling<<

Classes and Clubs

11885649_10205886209206844_4093771100129524819_oEndurance Athlete and its coaches are involved with assisting teams and clubs with training plan consultation, technique clinics, and informational presentations. If you would like EA to enhance your team or clubs training please contact us to see how we can help your team/club.

Check out the current clubs and events Endurance Athlete is involved with:

Washburn/South MPLS composite NICA Mountain Bike Team

West Yellowstone Ski Festival

Custom Packages and Pricing


All of our services are offered and priced individually. Many times, it’s a custom combination that will best help an athlete succeed. A custom package reflects the diverse needs of different athletes we have/will work with. Custom package pricing may be reduced to reflect the advanced commitment to services and quantity discounts.
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