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The start of a new training year.

We hope that you have taken the past 6 to 4 weeks to physically and mentally recover and rejuvenate following the end of the 18/19 winter season. At the end of each season, every athlete should take some time to stay physically active with easy exercise, outdoor adventures, and taking a mental break from focused […]

Coach Greg is named to the PSIA-AASI National Team

Coach Greg Rhodes was selected as a member of the PSIA-AASI National Team for the 2016-2020 term. Greg is one of 30 selected to be part of the elite group of ski and snowboard instructors in the the USA. Greg is one of two cross-country specialist on the Nordic Team for this term. Greg will […]

Endurance Athlete hosts Washburn, Mpls South and Mpls Southwest composite NICA team for a training camp in western Colorado.

Endurance Athlete and Coach Greg hosted members Minneapolis Washburn, South, and Southwest MN NICA league teams for a week long mountain bike training and skills camp. 9 athletes and 3 coaches enjoyed 6 days of riding the trails of Fruita, Grand Junction, Aspen, and Carbondale Colorado. This training camp provided these athletes with an opportunity […]

MN State Cyclo-Cross Race 2010: where were the skis?

This years MN State Cyclo-Cross race was conducted in weather better suited for a nordic ski race than a bike race. Despite the weather challenging the ability to race, everyone had a great time playing in the fresh snow. This was a great way to finish off the cyclo-cross racing season (even though there is […]

Ben Popp Finishes Salsa 2-4 at Afton Alps

Ben Popp finished 20 laps in 22 hours at the Salsa 2-4 24 hours of Afton Mountain Bike race. This performance placed Ben 3rd (2nd male) overall. It was a fun and 22 hours and unique experience. Ben would regularly say, “Man this hurts. I am having fun.” He also finished saying, “How did I […]